Comunicational Entropy

Comunicational Entropy

Domenica 22 maggio 2011

Atlante Sonoro XXI NMA
Nell’ambito del festival miXXer
Organizzato dal Conservatorio “G. Frescobaldi”
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Thanassis Deligiannis (1983)
Communicational Entropy (2005)
Elisa Franco, pianoforte

Out of the blue, information appears like Morse signals and starts crossing from several directions an imaginary valley until this “communicational-jam” is interrupted by a kind of truce, during which, everything is moving slowly like in water. And then; something happens that marks a new era in which information starts flowing again. Following this structure the work deals with the phenomenon of information in space; how space is filled of information and how it gets empty.


Thanasis Deligiannis was born in Larisa, Greece, in 1983. He was brought up as a traditional percussionist with the help of his father (a traditional woodwind and percussion performer and teacher). After having lessons in piano, music theory and classical singing he studied composition in Thessaloniki at the department of Music Science and Art of University of Macedonia, Greece (teachers: D. Terzakis and G. Kyriakakis). Studying in Thessaloniki, Thanasis joined the Choir of Thessaloniki participating in several concerts and opera productions. Meanwhile, he began his training in stage performance and music-theater with the teacher and director S. Karakantza. In summer 2009 he performed for the National Theater of Greece in the
theatrical production “Alcestes” (direction by Th. Moschopoulos, Epidaurus’ Ancient Theater). In 2010 he finished his master studies in composition at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam under the professor Wim Henderickx and took part in Gaudeamus Music Week as a selected composer. Since 2010 he is assistant artistic director at Conservatorium van Amsterdam.