Atlante Sonoro XXI NMA
16 e 17 aprile 2011
Piazza Giustiniani, Roma
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Ji Youn Kang (1977)
‘/hu/’ for 4 channel tape (2010)

Program note
The title /hu/ – hu between two slashes as in phonetic transcription- refers to the sound of breathing.
Breathing in Korea is not only an automatic, physical process, but is also the first that one should be aware of, concentrate on, and control in order to go a step close to the deeper self.
Through watching carefully the process of breathing, all the external emotions disappear, and one finally starts understanding who he/she is. The brief moment becomes very slow, static, and profound while a number of thoughts pass behind.
Zooming into the internal/external process in one big breathing, the movement, flux, and volume of the air are expressed with the shape of sounds, frictional quality, largely overlapped layers of sound events, and spatialization.

Technical note
The piece is mastered in the WFS system software (http://www.gameoflife.nl) in order to create more complex and specified spatialization for each sound. The piece is rendered into the format of quadraphonic system, and can be played with the WFS system.