New Music Arena 2011

at Atlante Sonoro XXI


N e w   M u s i c   A r e n a
a t
A t l a n te   S o n o r o  X X I


Atlante Sonoro XXI is a festival of new music, collaboration between
Freon Ensemble
, Scuola Popolare di Musica di Testaccio of Rome, Conservatory “Girolamo Frescobaldi” of Ferrara.
Atlante Sonoro XXI takes place in Rome, 3 weekends from February to May 2011 in the concert hall of the Scuola Popolare di Musica di Testaccio, situated in the charming spaces of the Ex-Mattatoio (ancient slaughterhouse) nowadays residence of museums of contemporary art and the faculty of Architecture.

Throughout the festival there will be a space created in collaboration with the Composition Departement of Conservatorium van Amsterdam focused mainly on music of CvA students.


12/13 March – Roma

Mátyás Wettl Lullaby (2009) tape, premiere, 10′
The piece is based on Nixon’s resign speach.

Firudin Allahverdi (1980) Tonyukuk said these… (2008)
Martina Bertoni, violoncello

Ji Youn Kang (1977) ‘/hu/’ (2010 – tape)

Fátima Fonte (1983) Claro escuro (2007 – tape)

Thierry Tidrow (1986) Né à l’envers… (2008)
Morena Mestieri, flute

Thanasis Deligiannis (1983) Communicational Entropy (2005)
Elisa Franco, piano

Giuliano Bracci (1980) Con il disincanto, l’incanto e la frenesia (2009)
Laura Polimeno, Daniela Troilo voices; Morena Mestieri, flute; Giulio Arnofi, guitar; Alessandra Targa, harp; Stefano Cardi, conductor

Xabier Mariño Alvarez (1983) Xehatu (2010)
Ensemble del Corso di  Musica Contemporanea del Conservatorio di Ferrara
Elisa Saglia, violin; Andrea D’Agostino, piano;  Pedro Garcìa, guitar; Stefano Cardi, conductor


Call  for scores

If you are interested please send me scores and mp3 of your pieces and indicate your name, year of birth, title, instrumentation, duration, year of composition. I will forward them to Stefano Cardi, artistic director of Atlante Sonoro XXI, that will consider to insert them in the festival.

This call is especially for chamber music works (from solo to sextet). Also videos or works for electronics are welcome.

For any information or question do not hesitate in writing me.

Giuliano Bracci


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